Where does your tea come from?

Chessers Tea is a British company that only buys directly from farms in Taiwan. Chessers Tea is unique in that we are there for the entire process of bringing tea to you from travelling to the tea farms to delivery, so we can assure you of the origin and quality of the teas that you buy from us. 

Our hand-picked teas come from Lushan mountain and Lugu Township in Taiwan, and they are grown and processed on the farm by experienced people passionate about growing and drinking tea. There is nothing added to the tea, so all the intense flavours you taste are from the processing style alone.

Taiwan is widely held to produce some of the finest tea in the world, and that is partly down to the terroir (climate, soil, altitude etc.) and the care and devotion of its farmers who process the tea from start to finish.

一期一会 "one lifetime one meeting"

一期一会 ichi-go ichi-e is the culture of our tea tastings. It means that every meeting between people is unique. Find out more here

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